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A party!

A party!

We are having a ‘Half a Candle’ party today as we are officially 6 months old!

Time flies when you are busy and it seems like a lot lot lot longer ago that we first opened our doors and met our first clients and their pets. None of us can actually remember what it felt like when we did all the ‘first’ things other than that it was all very exciting! The first consultation, the first operation, the first phone call…

We have now arrived at the grand old age of 6 months and we are happily well settled in after a busy busy time.

There have been a few events; a Family Fun Day, an evening talk on behaviour and recently one on arthritis. We have enjoyed all of these and plan to continue the evening talks and a yearly Fun Day. Its lovely meeting new people and being able to talk about things that matter to them. We are always thinking about topics for the talks so if you have any suggestions then please let us know!

I would imagine that the next 6 months will fly be as fast as the first 6 months have. There will be another evening talk mid November which is titled ‘Keeping your child safe around dogs’. This talk will be given by Blue Cross and will be held at the Surgery on Wednesday the 16th of November at 7:30pm.

We are also very pleased to be able to welcome two new people to our team in September. Emily Boyes is joining us as a Veterinary Surgeon. She will be bringing lots of enthusiasm and also a great knowledge on exotics and we are really looking forward to working with her. Amy Cox is also joining us in September. She is a very caring and likeable student Veterinary Nurse who again we are really looking forward to having around and mentoring.

All in all there will be lots going on it seems, all of which will allow us to continue to offer the care that we do.

It will be Christmas soon, keep following the blog to see what we have planned for a Christmas celebration.

Wishing you all the very best.