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Why parasites need to be taken seriously

Here at Carterton Veterinary Surgery we place the wellbeing of your pet at the centre of our practice, which is why we are so passionate about preventative healthcare.  
We don’t want your pets to get ill, we want to support you to keep them as healthy as possible, so this month we want to bring you some important information and advice about something that can really make your pets poorly – ticks and fleas.
This month sees the nationwide campaign #BigTickProject. In a recent study of 7,000 dogs across the UK, 1 in 3 dogs were found to have at least 1 tick.  Left untreated, this means that the animal is at risk of contracting tick-related diseases such as Lyme disease and canine babesiosis, both of which have been identified in the UK and can be very dangerous indeed. Lyme disease can be very tricky to pin down due to the symptoms being so general e.g. lack of appetite, lethargy, fever and depression. This makes diagnosis more difficult and sadly this means that antibiotic treatment may be less effective than if given early on in the disease.
Ticks are tricky. Even when you check your pet for ticks they can be tough to find because they’re small and hide well in fur. But it’s crucial to find ticks and remove them quickly. Why? Ticks potentially share diseases with your pet; all you need is one undetected tick bite for your pet to become infected. 
Like their tick relatives, fleas are very resilient. Many of our pets have been bitten because fleas are everywhere! Yes, fleas live outdoors but they live indoors too – even in really clean homes, year-round in any climate. Fleas will gladly hitch a ride on your pet into your house. If your pet has fleas the consequences can range from irritation to severe skin allergy, transmission of tapeworm and, in some cases, anaemia 
Ticks and fleas are not something your pet can only contract in the countryside, they are everywhere – including urban areas too. 
Anywhere dogs are walked and wild animals patrol, there can be ticks present.  This could include the grassy strip along the pavement outside your house in the city as well as the local park.
The good thing is, we can help you to prevent your dog or cat getting seriously sick from ticks and fleas with a prevention plan.  We run our Pet Health Care Club which is a great value, easy to budget way of providing your pet with excellent preventative healthcare against ticks, fleas and other diseases. There are 25% discounts on consultations and other services too.

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