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  • Keeping your best friend as healthy as possible, for as long as possible…

    If you don’t know us, we are a Veterinary Practice based in Carterton, West Oxfordshire. We are a friendly bunch of animal healthcare professionals who are passionate about treating you and your pet how we would wish to be treated – with warmth, professionalism and respect. We place preventative care at the centre of our practice and want to bring to light the positives of this approach to looking after your pet.

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  • Let’s have a rabbit, about Rabbits!

    We certainly love our floppy eared friends. Rabbit ownership is on the increase. Recent stats show that they are now the UK’s third most commonly kept furry pet.

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  • Why parasites need to be taken seriously

    Here at Carterton Veterinary Surgery we place the wellbeing of your pet at the centre of our practice, which is why we are so passionate about preventative healthcare.

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  • May 2016... Where has the time gone?

    It’s been just over 2 years now since we opened the doors and we cannot really believe how well things have gone since then.

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  • Hello Everyone.

    Apologies for being very tardy on updating the blog.

    Lots has been going on since the last update back in January.

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  • And so a new one begins..

    We hope everyone has had a good festive season and is in great spirits to get the New Year off to a good start.

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  • It’s been a while...

    It’s been a while since I last wrote so I thought I would tap out a brief note to let you know what has been going on at Carterton Veterinary Surgery, and what we have in store for the future!

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  • A party!

    We are having a ‘Half a Candle’ party today as we are officially 6 months old!

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  • The Family Funday was a huge success...

    Here’s an update on what has been happening at Carterton Veterinary Surgery in the last month or so.

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  • Family Fun Day

    We thought a brief update was due as we have now been open for 3 months and a few days.. How time flies!

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