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Out of Hours

We are a small independent practice. This has many advantages, the main one being that we can get to know you well and that you can get to know and trust us. The downside of being a small practice is that we are not able to provide good quality 24-hour daycare every day of year. If we decided to provide 24 hour a day care then the service and care we would be able to provide you with during the day would suffer significantly.

Our aim is that you are provided with the best care all the time which is why we have teamed up with Medivet Group . Medivet Group will continue to provide you with the care you might expect outside of our opening hours. The team at Medivet Group will deal both with any emergencies which happen ‘after hours’ as well as any patients that require intensive care overnight. The option of either a transfer to Medivet Group or retaining your pet as an inpatient at Carterton Veterinary Surgery will be discussed with you fully in the event that your pet requires inpatient care.

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