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Covid-19 Update


Update 13 July 2020:

Dear Clients

We thank you once again for your patience and understanding during this time.

From Tuesday the 21st of July clients attending appointments will be able to accompany their pet into the consultation room with the vet.

The safety of our staff and clients is paramount which is why the following measures will be in place:

  • Upon arrival please let reception know you are here via the window.
  • Please leave your pet in your car until you are invited into the practice for your consultation if it is possible and safe to do so.
  • One person per animal is to enter the practice.
  • Wearing a face mask will be required by any person entering the practice and will be required to be worn at all times. If you forget to bring one then you can purchase one prior to the appointment from reception.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Once your appointment is complete we will direct you to reception where payment will be taken, any medications can be collected and repeat appointments made. In the event there is no space in reception you will be asked to queue outside by the window.
  • If you are visiting the practice to collect medications or food please continue to come to the window where a member of staff will hand the medication / food out to you.

To prevent any delay in collecting medications or food please call or email to pre-order and ideally collect during our 'quieter' times of 12-2pm.

Please be aware that due to these new protocols there may at times be a delay, but we will be doing our very best to prevent this.

Thank you again for your continued support.
The whole team at Carterton Vets

Update 01 June 2020:

Dear Clients

We thank you again for your patience and understanding during this time.

We are starting to see some lifting of our restrictions and as such will shortly begin to reinstate our reminder service for vaccinations and flea and worming products.

We will be sending the reminders out in small blocks beginning with reminders that were due shortly before lockdown began and working our way through until we are up to date. These reminders will be sent to any clients that have not themselves come in over the last few weeks to collect flea and worming products and to all clients where vaccinations are due.

We are still running on reduced staffing levels so please can we kindly ask that you wait for your reminder to arrive either via email or text before contacting us to arrange an appointment for vaccinations, or to collect flea and worming treatment.

As we cannot guarantee that the reminder system will work for everyone, if you consider that a vaccination is due and you have not received a reminder from us within the next 4 weeks, please contact us in July.

If you have any concerns regarding your pet you no longer need to email us or send any photographs, please call us to arrange a consultation and we will risk assess whether it is suitable for you to come to the practice.

Please do continue to email us with any repeat prescription requests or any food orders.

We are still not yet allowed to carry out any routine neutering. We will update you as soon as this changes.

We are still adhering to strict social distancing rules and we expect this for some time, please kindly respect social distancing whilst waiting in the car parking area.

Many thanks.

Update 01 May 2020:

Dear Clients,

We hope you are all keeping well.

We wanted to touch base regarding flea & worming medication, our reminder system and how to contact us.

Our reminder system has always been provided as a courtesy service, we would always recommend that you make a note at home as to when the next dose would be due. During these unprecedented times we are finding ourselves in a position whereby we cannot manage this system as reliably as we would like.

As we mentioned in our last update we are now able to dispense flea & worming preparation if they are due. If you are unsure if your pet is due please contact us (as below) and we will check and let you know.

We are operating with limited members of staff and as such we may not always be able to answer the telephone if we are with a patient. As a polite reminder, the procedure for contacting us at the moment is as follows:

For flea & worming, ongoing medication, food or non-urgent questions regarding your pets health, please kindly email: Please send us your pet's name, the surname that your pet is registered under and then your request. One of the vets will then get back to you.

For emergencies or urgent concerns please telephone 01993 764262.

We all thank you for your patience and understanding.
Stay safe, stay at home and keep well.

Update 20 April 2020:

Dear clients,
Thank you so so much for bearing with us during these tough times. We hugely appreciate your support and understanding.

As a practice we fully support the government and our governing body with regards to the importance of social distancing and will continue to do our very best to keep you, us and our NHS safe. We are very aware that we must 'do our bit'.

We continue to be here for you and from Monday the 20th of April will be continue to be able to:

  • Provide hands on emergency and urgent care.
  • Provide non urgent care by phone or video consulting using the Zoom app.
  • Provide prescriptions for medications.
  • Provide food.

Based on a risk assessment of both your pet and your personal circumstances we will now also be able to:

  • Provide care for pets with chronic conditions who require regular injections for conditions such as arthritis and skin disease if the condition is likely to deteriorate within the next 2 months in the event that the treatment were not to be given.
  • Provide vaccinations for puppies and kittens, as well as for cats and dogs 1 year of age.
  • Provide flea and worm treatments.
  • With regards to isurance forms please bring a completed form with you to hand over to us at the time of treatment if you wish us to process a claim. We cannot provide forms for hou currently. This is to limit contact in view of social distancing.

For urgent and emergency care please contact the practice on 01993764262.

For all other enquiries please email us initially with your name, your pet's name, your contact number and a brief outline of your query. Our email is We will contact you as soon as we possibly can to help you with your query.

I realise you are probably inundated with updates from various sources on the COVID 19 pandemic, apologies for adding yet another one to your inbox. We thought it important to keep you updated on the services we are able to offer so we can keep your pets healthy and safe.

Wishing you all the very best. Please stay safe and stay at home.


Update 13 April 2020:

Update on vaccines and flea & worm dispensing during COVID-19 crisis.

We would like to inform you of our position on vaccinations at this stage of the COVID pandemic.
The BVA updated their guidance on vaccinations late last week which some of you may have seen. This guidance indicated that dog vaccines could be given normally. The BVA have since apologised for the misleading language used.

The correct guidance is that vaccines can be given if individual dog risk assessments indicate that a vaccine is required bearing in mind the Government guidance on social distancing.

This risk assessment must be documented and should be defendable if queried by our governing body, the RCVS.

We would like to stress that as always we are here to care for your pets.

Government guidance is unchanged, stay at home. We must currently abide by that guidance. We do not wish to put you, ourselves and NHS staff at unneccasry risk by asking you to break social distancing rules to attend the surgery for a vaccine.

Vaccines are very important as we will all agree. Waiting a few weeks at this important stage in the pandemic control is in our opinion the most sensible decision for all of us.

We will restart vaccinations and flea and worm control dispensing as soon as we possibly can. We do very much have you and your pets best interests at heart.

We will post an update weekly on Facebook and our web site to keep you aware of any changes to our services. This will include information on our ability to dispense flea and worm control treatments which we hope we might be possible again from next week.

We continue to be able to see urgent and emergency cases and we are available during our normal opening hours on the phone or on Zoom to discuss anything else.

Hoping you all stay safe and keep well.

Update 29 March 2020:

In this unprecedented time and due to the lockdown as advised by our government we are obliged to carefully consider our movements and contacts. We are to deal with emergencies only.

The guidance reads as follows:
Animals should only be seen in emergencies or where, in the judgement of the veterinary surgeon, urgent assessment and/or treatment is needed in order to reduce the risk of patient deterioration to the point where it may become an emergency in the near future (ie within the three-week time frame currently laid out by the Government for these measures).

Routine flea and worm treatments and routine vaccinations are not considered to be emergencies.

We are able to dispense medication for pets who are currently receiving ongoing treatment. We are also able to provide food. Please email your request to

We are able to provide 'distant' consultations and advice via the Zoom app. If you wish to use that then please download the app and email us so we can start 'zooming'.

If you would like to speak to us then please call 01993 764262 and hold for a member of the team to answer.

We kindly ask that you are kind & respectful to our team who are trying their best to help you and your pets in this uncertain time. We thank you for your consideration and your cooperation in these tough times. We all have our part to play in resolving the current pandemic. Good luck and stay safe and above all please stay at home.

Update 25 March 2020:

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has defined what constitutes an emergency:
Animals should only be seen in emergencies or where, in the judgement of the veterinary surgeon, urgent assessment and/or treatment is needed in order to reduce the risk of patient deterioration to the point where it may become an emergency in the near future (ie within the three-week time frame currently laid out by the Government for these measures).

Please could we ask you to seriously consider whether your pet is an emergency. We must limit travel and social contact anyway we can.

If you are in any doubt or have any concerns, please contact us on 01993 764262.

Update 24 March 2020:

Dear Clients,

Please be assured that we remain open to help you and your pets in these trying times but we do need to make some changes.

Due to the need for social restrictions to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus we are aiming to both reduce the number of staff and clients travelling to and from the practice.

To be able to do this we will be cancelling all routine procedures and appointments. Please consider whether an appointment is really necessary within the context of the pandemic we are currently facing. If you are unsure then please contact us, ideally by phone on 01993 764262.

We are doing, and will continue to do the best we can to minimise the possible spread of the virus and ask you to work with us to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can. If you do need to come to the practice we would kindly ask you to observe the 2 metre social distancing guideline.

Repeat Medication: As our staff numbers will be reduced during this time, please could we kindly ask you to give us an extended 48hour period to request all repeat medications. Please kindly note that payment will be required prior to collection to reduce contact in the practice at reception.

Flea & Worming Treatments: Please only order repeat flea and worming treatment if it is actually due at this time. If you are on our Pet Healthcare Plan the flea and wormers are still free of charge. If not please kindly note that payment is due prior to collection.

Consultations: In the event you have to come for a consultation please announce your arrival at reception, ideally by phone, and then wait outside to be called in for the consult. We will aim to open doors for you again to minimise physical contact.

To limit social contact a phone consultation may be appropriate and we can discuss this with you at the time of booking. We may find that a physical exam is necessary during the phone consult. If that is the case we will waive the fee for the second consultation. Payment for the phone consultation will be required at the time of booking. We are currently looking into video consulting which hopefully will be available in the near future.

Insurance Claims: Our policy of offering direct insurance claims, where we claim payment direct from the insurance company, will cease from today. We will continue to process claim forms in an indirect form, where you settle the account and receive payment from the insurance company. Please email us a signed claim form. We will ask you to settle balances at the time of the service delivery. We recognise that this is not ideal but regretfully due to reduced staffing levels we are having to make this change.

If you have any queries, regarding any of the above then please do let us know.

We wish you and yours all the very best in these trying times. Stay socially distant and stay safe.

Thank you.

Grahame and the team at Carterton Vets

Carterton Veterinary Surgery
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