Image of a dog, rabbit and cat

Our Services

We provide the full range of services anyone would expect to find in a first opinion veterinary practice, and hopefully more!

Maintaining health

We aim to work closely with you to insure your pet stays as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Regular preventative healthcare along with a good diet is key to this.

Our Healthy Pet Club aims to make this as affordable as possible. Membership includes annual vaccinations, worm and flea treatments and an excellent diet at cost price. Membership also entitles you to reduced cost consultations which make it affordable for you to come for a consultation if you have any concerns about the health of your pet.

Investigations and treatments

When you have a concern about the health of your pet we will book you a 15 minute appointment. This will allow us to listen to your concerns, examine your pet and discuss with you what the problem is, what investigations might be required to get a diagnosis and what the possible treatment costs are. We will discuss with you how you might wish to proceed.

We have the full range of facilities including radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, blood testing, surgical facilities, separate dog, cat and isolation wards, etc, etc. We offer anyone who would like to register as a client the opportunity to come and look at the facilities.

If the end comes

Sometimes euthanasia is the best possible option. It is something no one decides on lightly. However if quality of life is no longer good enough then it may be the only caring option. For more information about the process and what your options are visit our euthanasia page.